French DJ Fonkynson releases electric collaborative album

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Image: Adrian Villagomez

French electronic musician Fonkynson has produced and released his second album titled Falling via Lisbon Lux Records. To date, the musician has seen support from several noteworthy Youtube channels, including THUMP, Aviencloud, Funky Panda, Dealer de Musique, and Chill Valley Music. As a result, he reaches close to 3.5 million plays among streaming platforms.

Drum Thud adds their thoughts, “Fonkynson steps up as producer of his latest album, paying attention to finer details with each artist complimenting and owning the atmosphere of the song to the last note of each track.”

Fonkynson talks about the new album, ” “Falling” is an album where I took time and perspective about my music. It reflects what I have been through the past years, musically and personally. I wanted something else, more mature music and less club music, the music you can listen to on your couch and still is relevant.”

Fonkynson compliments the artists’ vocals with his electronic stylings that tailors around forming harmony with the vocal notes. The resulting sound remains true to Fonkynson with its deep house and bass house elements but also delivers a refined individualistic tone to each song.

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