Q&A with enigmatic pop singer Robyn Sherwell

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A story of perseverance and rising up from tragedy would best be the tagline for singer-songwriter Robyn Sherwell’s journey. The singer was breaking new ground with her previous album offering which was produced by Bat For Lashes collaborator David Kosten. After pregnancy concerns and a break from the scene, the singer has returned as a mother and has shared her second studio album Unfold. The album shares intimate emotions that address her former pregnancy complications and anxieties about the world. Robyn will be performing an intimate show at London’s Paper Dress Vintage to commemorate the release of this latest body of work. If you have been moved by listening to this EP, be sure to buy tickets here.

We found out additional information about the singer ahead of her upcoming performance.

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Tell us about your highlights for the year

2021! The year of my sophomore album release, titled Unfold. So happy to have this record out. I was also chuffed to have my cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Landslide’ used on an Airbnb advert in the spring of this year. I sang a version of it in French as well which is not something I ever expected to do!

If you could paint a picture of your sound, what would it look like?

Deep deep waters, with shafts of light breaking through now and then.

What are the 5 albums and artists that have influenced you the most?

Foy Vance – Hope, Fink – Sort Of Revolution, Joni Mitchell – Blue, Carole King – Tapestry, Jamie Woon – Mirrorwriting

What other artists do you really like at the moment and why?

I’m into Greta Isaac at the moment. I love how she’s got such a strong visual angle, directs these great videos as well as writing and singing. I’m also really excited for Foy’s Vance’s new album Signs of Life to drop in September. His recent single ‘Sapling’ is gorgeous.

How did you get to your first gig?

I started out tagging along on my brother’s band’s local bar gigs as a young teen, singing a few songs with them. Later on, after I moved to London, I sent demos to promoters on the small venue circuit  – venues where five bands would play a night and you got about 20-25mins to perform and brought as many mates as possible with you! It was a bit of a hustle but gave me plenty of experience.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself that no-one would expect.

I don’t like chocolate. Weird, I know. I have never liked it, even since being a one year old, when I rejected the chocolate birthday cake. My husband has regularly tried to test me on this and it’s still a no.

What do you consider your biggest achievement so far?

Making an album at home whilst parenting a toddler during a pandemic. Never underestimate how full-on toddlers are!!

Famous last words?

Listen to your inner voice.

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