Singer Fifi Rong makes her way into our dreams with latest music video

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      Image credit: Rok Pat

Fifi Rong – if you don’t know the name, it’s time to learn it. The talented singer-songwriter is on a journey of artistic expression, as she shares romantic singles, ethereal music videos, ground-breaking live performances and even numerous forms of multi-media via NFTs with the world. Most recently, she has presented the video for ‘Dream On’, shot during the third episode of her Yi Jing Live Performance Series and directed by Rok Pat. The single is taken from her upcoming album, There Is A Funeral In My Heart For Every Man I Loved which will be released in spring next year.

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The unique singer gives further insight to the video: “This is my first Live Performance Music Video and I love it. I am so proud of my Yi Jing Live team and grateful for their hard work, which is really paying off through this amazing piece of video art. The filming set was built in my room. We had 3 cameras, complex lighting set up, organic effects such as a glass screen, water spray acting as rain, manual blue gel movement to create underwater effects and much more. I’m really happy about my performance and the sound too as it’s my first time performing the song!  I prefer live music videos because it just communicates the song far better than a traditional music video.”    

After a bit of snooping (who could blame us after hearing those vocals?), we found Fifi Rong’s intriguing life story shared on her website. It was here that we learnt about her struggles balancing the Western world in which she currently lives (the UK, to be more precise) and the Eastern world which she longs to return to (China, where restrictions prevent her from doing so). The singer is open about her internal struggles, as she works towards reconciling the two worlds while also pursuing her artistic nature.

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By Sarah Britton