Avant-pop music duo ERA C produce reflective song

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   Image credit: Johannes Kremer

Incomprehensibly attractive vocals from ERA C producer Sofia Insua captivates us within the first few seconds of listening to the latest ERA C song ‘0-60 mph’ via Future Archive Recordings. The duo, although conceptualized in the last year have released their noteworthy track ‘DELIRIA’ (mixed by prolific music producer Sun Glitters) has already seen a successful downtempo remix from electronic duo Arms and Sleepers live in our minds rent-free.  ‘0-60 mph’ is the latest release to feature on their debut EP DELIRIA, which is set for official release on the 28th of May.


Consisting of production team Sofia Insua & Mirza Ramic, Sofia previously mentioned how the duo came to be in an interview with Reverbs(read interview) : “ It actually was thanks to our separate music projects. Mirza came to Guatemala to play an Arms and Sleepers show with Easy Easy before I (Sofia) became their lead singer – it was Gerry (EE’s drummer) who contacted him in 2016.Fast forward to a couple of years later, I was now part of the new Easy Easy line-up and had finished a new album with them. Gerry, who kept in touch with Mirza, showed it to him and he fell deeply in love with it hahaha. He did a show in Guatemala for one of our video releases, ‘Threeeyes’, in 2018. He also featured it in his online mag/platform DXFXWXUX, so I knew he was a fan :~P. And I had Arms and Sleepers Swim Team in my first ever Spotify playlist, so I was also a fan. But we still hadn’t met in person because I was living in NYC.Eventually, he played a show in Brooklyn, Gerry told me about it, I went, we finally met, we admired / respected / liked each other’s work and we just clicked. We knew we wanted to make something together from the moment we talked to each other face to face.”

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Combining the vocal talents of Sofia Insua into the mix, ‘0-60 mph’ feels like the calm before the crash. Using the idea of the progression of speed and how it can be manipulated with a harder push on the accelerator, we too can move into relationships just as fast without taking a break to access the dangers of this newfound adrenaline rush. One is left to ponder on their next steps and tracks on the road of life and relationships. How fast is too fast to fall in love?

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