Passionate pop producer Sindresu shares new single ‘Daydream’

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Sindresu, Sam Feldt, Kygo, Lost Frequencies

Image credit: Sofia Falck

Musician Sindre Saether Ulfsnes, alias Sindresu, has flexed his musical genius with the new single ‘Daydream’, released under Sindresu Records. The Stockholm, Sweden-based musician is a violinist, guitarist and piano player. The electronic pop producer is influenced by the likes of Big Wild and Flume among others and offers a sound that is likened to Kygo, Lost Frequencies and  Sam Feldt. ‘Daydream’ burst forth deliciously and it boasts a carefree sound that is accompanied by thought-provoking lyrics. The single’s reflective lyricism about carefree encounters highlights cheerful instrument notes and consequently makes the song incredibly relatable to listeners because humans want companionship that does not overpower their ability to be happy every day. Sound Labyrinth sat down with Sindresu to get better acquainted with ‘Daydream’.

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The title of the new single is very welcoming to listeners that are generally exhausted with daily life. What is your most exciting daydream? 

My most exciting daydream is pretty similar to the track lyrics actually. Just exploring beautiful locations and being carefree. Right now with the nordic winter, I’m really longing for a tropical island to be honest. 

How did the track change your life?

The song gave me hope in a really difficult time and helped me get through it. It gave me the motivation to work towards making my daydream become reality.  

Tell us about your highlights for the year

My song ‘Get Out of My Head’ caught some traction on Spotify and now has over 500k streams. Other than that I’ve had a bunch of releases this year which has been very exciting!

If you could paint a picture of your sound, what would it look like?

A remote tropical Island with white beaches and turquoise water.

What are the 5 albums and artists that have influenced you the most?

I was very inspired by the first remixes from Kygo and Matoma back in the day. Those are what made me interested in EDM and tropical house. I’d say the Cloud Nine album from Kygo was also huge. Avicii is definitely another big one, and I will say Big Wild and Flume as my final two. However, in the last couple of years, I’ve moved a bit away from EDM, and listen to a huge variety of artists and genres really.

What other artists do you really like at the moment and why?

Though mainstream, the new album from Taylor Swift actually has a really chill nostalgic vibe. I’ve also been into Labrinth for the last couple of years, as he has released a bunch of cool unique tracks that stand out. Daniel Caesar is also really good. Hard to narrow down my current taste to artists though as I’ve been more focused towards individual records lately.

How did you get to your first gig ?

Haven’t had one yet.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself that no-one would expect.  

The first instrument I learned to play was the violin when I was 5 years old.

What do you consider your biggest achievement so far?

That I managed to finish 7 tracks in 2022 that I’m happy with and proud of.

Famous last words?

Keep procrastinating, you can always start tomorrow.

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