Daydream with TGC’s electropop song ‘Summon Our Love’

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It’s another Friday and you are looking for a sweet electro-pop song to get you feeling pumped up for a weekend of “you” time.  Duo TGC (The Green Children) have shared the perfect song to get you into the right mental space and that is the latest gem ‘Summon Our Love’ via Iluminated City. The duo, which consists of Norwegian songstress Milla Fay Sunde and English music producer Marlow Bevan who have crafted a rich electro-pop sound together through the years.  TGC previously featured on Sound Lab with the ‘Symbiotic’ single and Raudio with the recently released track ‘Sophie’. 

Stream/Download:‘Summon Our Love’

As sweet as their music and unable to contain her excitement, vocalist Milla shared her gratitude for the release of ‘Sophie’ and she could not be more thrilled with the outcome of the forthcoming album release: “ So happy you’re enjoying our New Single! Our Album “Parallels” will be released July 8th, on Vinyl, CD and your favourite streaming services Can’t wait to finally share it with you! Milla”

When comparing ‘Sophie’ against ‘Summon Our Love’, it is almost impossible to decide which one we enjoy the most. Both tracks carry the mystical TGC energy we have enjoyed through the years. ‘Sophie’ is rich in electronic soundscapes that leave the mind to envision a non-existent faraway getaway. One may want to plan their next trip soon after listening to this track indefinitely.  ‘Summon Our Love’ on the other hand speaks on rekindling past relationships, and Milla’s sweet as honey vocals may have you daydreaming within seconds. I guess both tracks and TGC’s music overall will leave the mind to hope and daydream.

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