Music producer’s Elephants Everywhere share delightfully menacing song ‘Numb’

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Glistening with electronic hooks from start to finish, noteworthy EDM duo Elephants Everywhere are always keen to change up their sound. Their latest single ‘Numb’ via Unique Vibes takes a different approach from the upbeat and lighthearted tone of its predecessor ‘Give Me Love’ with a more bass fuelled electronic hook. Consisting of pals John Shekerjian & Sean Bartoshuk from Los Angeles this track sounds like the perfect track for warm nights in the city – perfect time for mischief.

Stream/Download: ‘Numb’

Previously featured on Sound Lab with the single ‘Give Me Love’, we mentioned: “Elephants Everywhere recently unveiled their latest dancefloor gem ‘Give Me Love’ via Unique Vibes and we have literal goosebumps from the first listen. Inspired to produce something uplifting in quarantine, this track succeeds with its message of hope and punchy basslines.”

‘Numb’ is bursting with frustration and angst with the vocal direction, but Elephants Everywhere finesse around this with sharp basslines and upbeat notes.  This makes it almost impossible to not dance along with or do the EDM headbang as you sing along with conviction. Please listen with caution, this song may inspire you to try out an extreme sport or knock out some walls for fun -indefinitely. 

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