Noteworthy dance-pop duo Elephants Everywhere unveil bass fuelled banger

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Image credit:Chester Pink

Consisting of Los Angeles based music production team John Shekerjian & Sean Bartoshuk, Elephants Everywhere are a dance pop duo with unique appeal for lovers of this genre. The duo are known to mash electronic hooks with instrumental embellishments, providing a  cohesive yet delightfully noticeable production style that proves to be a positive divide between mainstream dance pop heavyweights. Elephants Everywhere recently unveiled their latest dancefloor gem ‘Give Me Love’ via Unique Vibes and we have literal goosebumps from the first listen. Inspired to produce something uplifting in quarantine, this track succeeds with its message of hope and punchy basslines.

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The duo elaborate on the meaning behind this track, “As fans of both organic and electronic music, we love combining real instruments with electronic elements to create something completely new from our original acoustic jam session. One of our favorite things to add, as heard in the chorus of ‘Give Me Love’ are large brass stabs that in some ways emulate the “trumpeting” sound Elephants make. We’ve developed this sound by layering different orchestral and synthetic elements to create a hybrid sound unique to Elephants Everywhere.”

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