Musician MARIA Die RUHE shares dark electronic club music video ‘Superrare’

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    Image credit: Arvid Wünsch

Singer MARIA Die RUHE unlocks the urge for a girl’s night out with her latest music video and single ‘Superrare’ via Reduced To The Root. The track itself has a danceable beat like the preceding track ‘Skin’ but accelerates the mood with a darker electronic vibe and gentle ripples of techno notes. The German singer who previously lived amongst the busy and dynamic nightlife of Berlin must have certainly drawn inspiration from this very scene for the latest video for the ‘Supperrare’ track.

WATCH: MARIA Die RUHE – ‘Superrare’ 

Previously featured on Sound Lab with her music video for ‘Skin’, we previously commented: “Beauty comes in all forms, and cannot be restricted to one look and perspective as MARIA Die RUHE points out in her stunning performance. We are lost in the fairytale-esque and bewitching visual odyssey she takes us through in the 4-minute video duration. Unfiltered and refreshing, the singer showcases her body freely surrounded amidst mother earth’s lush greenery.”

Stream/Download: ‘Superrare’

Channelling a more animalistic side with this latest offering, we are shown MARIA Die RUHE’s many layers as a musician and being- we are delighted. The video and single take a more playful and laidback direction than before, kind of like the energy in Cyndie Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ music video. Great minds think alike.

‘Superrare’ features on the Spotify playlist POP_GROUND.fm

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