Musician NAVA shares emotionally rich avant-pop EP

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       Image credit: Matteo Strocchia and Marco Servina

Divine avant pop musician NAVA shares her new EP NAFAS today. Comprised of four electronic focused tracks, we are taken into the singer’s world as she draws us into a warped but seductive abyss that we want to be lost in forever. Released via the label Oyez!, this EP follows a theme of identity and paying homage to your birthland.

Stream / Download: NAFAS EP

When speaking about the meaning of her previous release ‘Gaz’ with Raudio, the singer elaborated: “Gaz is a typical Persian pastry. It is very chewy almost like a jawbreaker, but the taste is so good that you can’t resist it! Life was like that for me most days, it’s not easy being an artist but at the same time it’s worth it!”

In touch and open with her emotions, NAVA shares a transparent view of her diverse world and her thoughts on relationships of all kinds. The musician is dedicated to her art but is not afraid to be honest about the pitfalls of the industry as she suggests. Nonetheless, we can see NAVA’s passion for her music and heritage being poured out into this emotionally rich EP.

EP track ‘Respiro’ features on POP_GROUND.fm

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