Jasper Sommer delivers with beautifully moody and emotive track ‘We Could Rule The World’

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Jasper Sommer, a versatile English artist who wears many hats including musician, record producer, and singer-songwriter, recently unveiled his latest single, ‘We Could Rule The World,’ on October 20, 2023 through EFG Records Oy. This release has already garnered significant attention from mainstream publications like COMPLEX UK and Earmilk, with Jasper’s work drawing comparisons to notable artists such as Four Tet and James Blake. The track itself had an exclusive premiere and received support from the influential tastemaker NOTION.

‘We Could Rule The World‘ is an introspective and atmospheric composition, meticulously crafted by Jasper himself. It embraces experimentation and ambiance, boasting an instrumental arrangement characterized by unpredictable breakbeat drums, massive basslines, and expansive soundscapes. Evoking a sense of desolation and melancholy, the song intricately weaves emotional lyrics as Jasper reflects on themes of loneliness and the pursuit of what is right. Dark and emotionally charged, it’s a composition that delves into the depths of human emotion, reflecting not only Jasper’s inner voice but the collective human experience.

Jasper Sommer had this to say about the track: “This song is about suffering with depression and the feeling of loneliness. Whilst at times we may feel like nothing is worth it and ending it all, contemplating the idea that we’re all one piece to a unified whole, brings peace and the ability to conquer the world inside our minds. With the goal of overcoming depression once and for all”.

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