Experimental and afrobeat duo Trrmà teases with song, ‘Dhaulagiri’

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Experimental and afrobeat duo Trrmà has wowed us again with their latest experimental single ‘Dhaulagiri’.  The blog Exit Through Sound adds, “Trrmà’s previous single ‘Shishanpangma’ has a completely different feel to the new single ‘Dhaulagiri’, which takes a polyrhythmic turn, as well as adding a far-out and sporadic beat.”

‘Dhaulagiri’ pleasantly surprises Trrmà fans, it starts with presenting a facade of a progressing beat, that is abruptly deconstructed by electronic textures, the listener is teased with moments of a melodic beat throughout the track. The duo is based in the Italian town of Bari and Messina, Sicily, and consists of Giovanni Todisco, a music teacher who plays the drums and percussions in the duo. The other half of the pair is self-taught synthesizer player, Giuseppe Candiano who completed formal studies in classical percussions as well as the Jazz guitar and the trumpet.

Trrmà talks about the single, “‘Dhaulagiri’ combines afro-jazz percussion elements with abstract electronics that remind spacey 90’ scratch DJ works. An unconventional  form of broken beat composition.”  

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