‘Harmony’ never looked so picturesque as in Felix Cartal’s latest music video

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 Photo credit: Kasey Lum

Even with millions upon millions of plays for Felix Cartal, nothing can prepare fans for the visual and audio masterpiece to be found within the music video for ‘Harmony. The video, shared for the first time with the public today features the gorgeous landscapes of Canada and the dynamic dance moves of Maxine Chadburn and Tyler Olson. Watch video

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Felix Cartal tells us about the concept behind the video: “Harmony is a feel-good anthem that doesn’t stop once the beat starts. We wanted the video to express that exact same sentiment. It starts off slow and then is relentless until the end, playing off the idea of harmony between people, as well as their love for movement and the nature that surrounds them. We just wanted to make a unique dance video, because we’d never done it before.”

While the producer has been picked up by numerous international publications, we were particularly fond of Pop Music’s review of the original single as they said the single, “will surely dance you into the weekend with its colorful basslines and sunny atmospheres that are beaming in the first few seconds of listening”.

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