Jackson Homer and Saïna collaborate on new single, ‘Movie’

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Jackson Homer, Saïna

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Following his last single’s explosion on Tiktok (receiving nearly 1 million views via House Music Nerds), and fans flooding streaming platforms, Jackson Homer comes right back at us with another nu-disco banger, this time bringing on the stunning Neo-Soul/R&B singer, Saïna. Their latest collaboration ‘Movie’ delves into a lyrical theme that has long captivated Saïna: an interplay between fantasy and movie aesthetics and how they relate to our real-life experiences of love. 

Both Jackson Homer and Saïna have received significant support from various media outlets and platforms. They have been featured in publications such as Earmilk, Wordplay, Outloud Culture, Magnetic, Riptide, The Guardian, The Luna Collective, Stereofox, and Keep Walking Music. Their music has also been backed by radio stations including KCRW, FBi Radio, NPR, 1Live, Brum Radio, RTBF, BBC Introducing and Reprezent, as well as being featured on playlists such as Fresh Finds R&B, Fresh Dance Finds, R&B Slow Jams, H&M Music, and Adidas LDN Hype.

Jackson Homer is a British producer and DJ based just outside of Birmingham, whose timeless sound invokes names such as Disclosure, Daft Punk and Kaytranada. 

Through his father being a DJ, Jackson was always surrounded by music whilst growing up. Around the age of just 7, Jackson Homer conveyed a curiosity for DJing and began learning the fundamentals. It was not long before Jackson became intrigued by the process of music production and developed a passion for it. 

Jackson Homer’s debut album (‘99) undoubtedly exhibits his talent for music production. Each track differs from the last, yet ties together in a thoughtful composition. Jackson has now over 1.5 million streams on Spotify since his first release in March 2022.

Jackson’s previous achievements include 5 different Spotify editoral playlists (including, NMF UK, Fresh finds UK, Fresh finds, Internet People and Gaming Lounge), as well as playlist adds from the Ministry of Sound and Adidas. Jackson was chosen for one of the songs of the summer by The Guardian as well as selling out his first headline show supported by Red Bull UK.

Saïna (pronounced Sa-ee-na) is a singer, songwriter, and producer based in North West London. She discovered her love for music at an early age, starting with piano lessons at seven and writing her own songs by twelve, which soon led her to the renowned Brit School, where she further honed her skills.

Drawing inspiration from Neo-Soul and R&B, Saïna creates a distinct musical style. From her bedroom studio, she crafts soulful melodies and collaborates with fellow musicians to develop her unique sound. Her lyrics explore themes of connection, vulnerability, and renewal, often employing striking visual imagery and ironic twists.

Saïna’s talent has been recognized through live performances at venues like XOYO, Tape London, and Bush Hall. She has also garnered radio coverage on BBC Introducing and BBC Radio London, as well as placement on editorial playlists like Fresh Finds, Life Sucks, and Homework Vibes.

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