Surreal producer Villows revives senses with new single ‘Vivid’

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Villows, Shallou, Kasbo, and Yoste

Image credit: Matthew Bergh

House musician Villows shares a brand-new song ‘Vivid’ via Careless Collective. Vince Tobia (aka Villows)’s music graced the airwaves of Tomorrowland Radio with Austin Kramer, as well as Shallou’s Sirius XM Chill Mix. The ingenious house producer mentions the likes of Rufus Du Sol and Petit Biscuit as the inspiration for his music. Vince is currently based outside Philadelphia, USA. 

Stream / Download: Villows – ‘Vivid’

‘Vivid’ contains synths that overlap each other fractionally and, consequently, a certain sophisticated quick tempo is created. These synths are crisp, and they are like echoes in a tunnel that feeds on each other, and the result is a fantastic breezy sound. The melody is supported heavily by electronic guitars and electronic organs that reverberate beautiful notes. The song is so good, but it seems too short. Placing the song on repeat is the only way to solve this problem.  

Villows relays his understanding of the meaning of dreams with these words: “Seeing yourself in a dream is such a strange and borderline nightmarish experience. It could mean many things, but I like to think it’s your mind telling you to re-evaluate who you’ve been lately”.

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