Electronic duo Cosmo’s Midnight and producer Yung Bae share dance funk song

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Portland talent Yung Bae and Australian electronic duo Cosmo’s Midnight have linked up on new single “Straight Up Relaxin”, out now.

Stream: ‘Straight Up Relaxin’

Channelling upbeat, funk-driven energy,Straight Up Relaxin” combines hazy grooves, effortless instrumentation and slick vocals. It follows “Silver and Gold” featuring Sam Fischer & Pink Sweat$, and marks the fifth single release from his forthcoming album Groove Continental (Side A).

Beaming about the track, Yung Bae discusses how the collaboration came about. “This track originally started out as just me and HONNE during lockdown and quickly became one of my favorites. A few months ago I sent over the demo to Cosmos and it was something they immediately connected with and started working on. They sent something back in a day, and I was blown away. Everything they added is what makes this track so special and so different. We’re bringing you summer in December.”

Cosmo’s Midnight added, “We met Yung Bae years ago in Portland when we were on tour in America, he was a mutual friend we’d met through music and we all bonded over the love of disco and funk. He hit us up out of the blue years later and asked if we wanted to help him on this track. It was really up our alley sonically so there was no friction when it came to writing to his demo. We loved working on this track. It’s so fresh, bright and bouncy – we hope you all love it!”

Throughout his extensive catalog, now spread across 6 albums and a collection of singles, EPs and B-Sides, Yung Bae heralds the rise of Future Funk, stewarding the sub-genre from its niche underground internet culture into a cult-like phenomena. Yung Bae immediately grabs his listener with a distinctive blend of the traditional and modern; spanning between smooth jazz, funk, old school hip-hop, to Studio 54 disco. He credits this range of inspiration to chillwave acts like Neon Indian, rock bands like The Doobie Brothers, DJs like Madlib, 90s hip-hop, or really, ‘anybody who’s touched funk’. He still dedicates hours daily to combing the internet for obscure samples, always challenging himself to push the envelope creatively.

After signing to Arista Records/Sony Music Entertainment, Yung Bae has released a string of buzzworthy singles, including a new version of his viral track ‘Bad Boy’ featuring Wiz Khalifa, MAX and bbno$. The original ‘Bad Boy’ featuring bbno$ and Billy Marchiafava has over 100 million streams, viewed with over 2 billion impressions across 1 million videos on TikTok. Most recently, Bae released ‘Revolving’ featuring Marc E. Bassy and ‘Disco Body Parts’ featuring AWOLNATION,Wonder’ featuring Channel Tres and ‘Silver and Gold’ featuring Sam Fischer & Pink Sweat$, alongside collaborations with Mike Posner, kenzie and others.

Yung Bae has been hosting his new radio show, Groove Continental Radio on Apple Music. The show celebrates the evolution of Funk and Disco over the decades, with Yung Bae connecting all types of songs from the genre through his music, friends, collaborators and inspirations.

The bright keyboard timbres and idiosyncratic beats of Cosmo’s Midnight are the creation of twin siblings Cosmo and Patrick Liney. Working with collaborators from the pop, indie electronica, rap, and EDM realms, they made their major-label debut with the 2015 EP Moments’, since dropping albums What Comes Next and the ARIA-nominated Yesteryear.

A creative collaboration that crosses multiple sonic worlds,Straight Up Relaxin” brings the best out of Yung Bae and Cosmo’s Midnight.

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