Uppermost shares latest track and reveals unique idea for music video

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French electronic producer, Uppermost has just released his latest single, ‘True’ via Upwind Records. The track displays its eastern influence with an ambient grace that allows the listener to join the musician on his journey. While a fine line is walked at the beginning with the classical eastern influences, we see the track come into its own with the electronic production. There is a respect for the origin of the sound in the delicacy of the production and the simplicity in which it’s presented.

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Uppermost himself recently put it into his own words on Facebook, “You know that amazing feeling you get when you’re somewhere outside, listening to your favourite tracks on headphones and letting your imagination create a new kind of reality… It’s like the scene from a movie, when the music perfectly fits the atmosphere, and the flow of emotions makes you feel indestructible”.

Within the same post, he revealed that he would be having his fans assist with the making of his next music video. This concept was started after a discussion on Instagram and has grown to include all music lovers. The basic notion would be for the listener to create the video, with fans submitting short videos and pictures of settings they feel most relate to the music. Read more on the unique production of the music video here.

‘True’ previously featured on Raudio

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