Q&A with non-conforming music producer WIESE

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Deep house sounds with pop notes would be the words that best describe DJ WIESE’s latest single ‘Hear Me’. Not pressured by genre labels with the ‘Hear Me’ single, the DJ puts out a banger that is radiant in its non-conforming ways. ‘Hear Me’ was inspired by the pandemic and the impact it had on physical contact with your friends and romantic partners. The song is an energetic toast to a new day and the hope that life should be resuming back to normal soon. WIESE will be an electronic act that will make the dancefloor heat up soon when live performances open up, with over 15 million collective Spotify plays along with features of Spotify Editorial playlists. WIESE has a promising future in music production.

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We chatted with the man himself – WIESE below.

What’s your “secret sauce?” What makes your sound stand out?

I believe the “secret sauce” is to not have any predetermined ingredients and to not be caught in previous patterns. Music is all about emotions, and to evoke emotions you must be able to surprise and not be too predictable. Some say pop music is easy because you can just repeat whatever recipe that has worked in the past. Truth is that this is exactly what makes pop music extremely hard. I think it is important to dare to challenge both your own sound and image and constantly dare to seek new paths. I do not care if the music is defined as one or the other genre, or if people say that I waver between genres. Whenever I make a song I tailor it the way I feel it is best suited to convey the message and feelings I want to convey, and ultimately  I think that is also what makes it stand out.

Define a successful day in your eyes.

A successful day is one when I can say with my hand on my heart that I have learned something new, gotten better at something or have made a positive impact in someone’s life. It may sound weird, but it actually happens that I physically give myself a pat on the shoulder after such a day. However, must admit that it is all too often I have wasted the day getting caught up in daily activities without being able to tick off such accomplishments.

What made you decide to pursue a musical career?

I have always been interested in music and I have been playing instruments and making music since I was a little kid. I cannot remember any particular moment that I decided to pursue a musical career. I guess I have just set bigger and bigger goals as I have reached them and as time has passed, it has more or less just happened to develop into some kind of a career.

What would you be doing as a career if you never pursued music?

I have a master’s degree in economics and business administration. In parallel with my music, I work full time as a director in an international management consulting firm. Not exactly 9-17 neither music nor consulting, so let us just say I’m on duty 24/7.

Pros and cons of the industry from your perspective?

The best thing about the industry is that you get to meet so many cool and interesting people who are really determined and passionate about what they are doing. A con would be that not everyone is equally used to the professionalism required in business in general and which I am used to through my other job as a management consultant. This means, among other things that all too often people do not show up at the agreed time, forget appointments or show up unprepared. In this area, many players in the industry have a lot to learn from the requirements and expectations set elsewhere.

Please list some of the most influential albums on your creative outlook and output:

I am really going to reveal discrepancies in my musical tastes here. It is hard to choose but If I were to choose only three albums, I must choose three timeless pieces that have been with me most of my life. I would say Green Day’s – American Idiot, Bigbang’s – Clouds Rolling By and John Mayer’s – Continuum. To put it mildly, it’s not exactly representative of the genre and music I am currently making. At the same time, I think they have given me a lot of inspiration for melodic songs and meaningful lyrics.

What key pieces of gear/software do you use to define your sound?

I make most of my music on a computer with a bunch of different software and plugins. If I must choose just a few, I would say my MacBook Pro together with Logic and Ableton. Oh, and a big can of coffee and perhaps a few beers.

Vinyl or CD?

CD, baby!

How has music production changed your outlook on life?

I do not think it has changed too much, to be honest. It has been a part of me for as long as I can remember so the real change would be if it was suddenly taken away from me.

Tell us about your upcoming releases or projects?

My new single ‘Hear Me’ is a bright pop, deep house tune exploding in colour and life. The track touches on the freedom after post-lockdown confinement and the excitement at the prospect of travel and adventure coming back into full swing. The song is telling a story about what lockdown has done to us as human beings, our ability to be close to each other and our need to explore things the way we used to.

‘Hear Me’ is a summer breeze, bursting with exotic flavours and tropical soundscapes. The main synth melody is catchy, carrying a flow of energy and keeping you feeling happy and alive. After a year in lockdown and finally starting to see things opening up again, the vibe I felt was uplifting, energetic and happy.

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