Q&A with energetic pop band Royal Canoe

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Sir Sly, Imagine Dragons, Royal Canoe

Releasing the album Sidelining this year via Birthday Cake Records, band Royal Canoe has released the video for the album track ‘Surrender’. Let’s just say if you have a taste for quirky and entertaining viewing, then this latest video will be right up your alley in terms of its eccentric spectacle. With Covid restrictions and the ramifications that resulted from it, the band found 2020 a challenging and liberating year in terms of creating the new album. The result is honest and vibrant gems that speak on all their thoughts, mental health, and anxieties during this sheltered and restrictive period. 

We chatted with the dynamic band Royal Canoe below.

Watch: Royal Canoe – ‘Surrender (Official Video)’

Please describe your sound for us.

If Beck was less famous and had a project with James Blake.

How did it all start for you?

When I first heard a distorted guitar in grade 6, I knew I wanted to be involved. I knew my grandma had a Hawaiian guitar so I borrowed it, but it wasn’t quite right. Ended up getting an electric guitar and shitty practice amp for my birthday and started making some tapes with my brother’s churchy Yamaha keyboard. That was the beginning for me – MS

Which three artists would you say made you want to create your own music?

In the past The Beatles, Beck, James Blake – now Saba, Still Woozy, Mr. Jukes.

What is your go-to gear/equipment when creating?

We have so many keyboards, but Abelton Live is our main creative tool. We do a lot of recording analogue acoustic sounds into Abelton and manipulating them there, along with our many analogue and digital synths.

What are some of your key influences in your music? Whether it be the sound created by others, imagery, films or any kind of art form.

I’ve been told by various close friends we tend to talk about a lot of water – if I go back through the lyrics they’re not wrong. I guess being landlocked in the middle of Manitoba Canada gets you wanting.

What is one sub-genre you think doesn’t get the attention it deserves?

Art Pop.

Any new or upcoming artists on your radar?

Leith Ross.

What single night out has been the most memorable for you? As a performer? As an attendee?

There are a number of times a night out has inspired a song. Our track ‘Show Just Enough’ is about an all-nighter skinny dipping in Gimli, MB. ‘Button Fumbla’ off of our first record is also inspired by one of those late nights on your bike hopping from rooftop to rooftop with friends that seems to never end. 

“There’s the clatter of a king can clanking the ground

Twenty stories up, you still hear the sound

And the sun’s up on top of the world

Touching our faces in all the delicate places

And there’s all this beauty just screaming out

It’s like a goddamn forest ’bout ready to sprout

It’s cracking them floors and the grout

I feel my tongue making shapes in my mouth”

What can we expect from you in the near future? Any upcoming projects in the pipeline that you would like to tell us about?

We just released our new record Sidelining and will be spending the next year touring and promoting that collection of songs.

Famous last words?

The bathtub in the hallway is here to stay.

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