Production duo Re.decay release captivating music video

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Re.decay are a rising production duo based in Berlin at present. Their single ‘Sun In The Morning’ is the duo’s first release for the year and is now accompanied with an official music video! Sound Juicer add their opinion on the video, “Re.decay has made the most sublime and creative quarantine music video to date, which just shows you have innovative they are as collaborators.”

Re.decay fill us in on the magic, “‘Sun In The Morning’ was filmed and conceived by Alex Forge, a wildly talented French film maker. Sedric shot his part in Owen’s studio in Berlin while ADH and Mawcom X filmed their parts in NYC and Accra respectively. Then Alex edited it in Spain and uploaded it over a full day on WiFi that was struggling with the number of quarantined people on it. Like all of our endeavours, it involved an international group of creative people overcoming obstacles to make something great.”

Filmed under extraordinary circumstances, Re.decay has presented one of the most creative music videos that I have seen come out of this quarantine period. Props to the director of the
the music video, with his vivid imagination that brought the video to life.

Down Long Enough Tracklist:

1. Down Long Enough (Radio Edit)
2. Sun In The Morning (feat. ADH, Mawcom X, Sedric Perry)
3. Ghost (feat. Brian Ennals)
4. Harper (feat. K. Marie Kim)
5. Hasselhoff (feat. Brian Ennals)
6. Olanante (feat. ADH, Sedric Perry)
7. Down Long Enough (Extended Edit feat. ADH)

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