Pop singer Hedda Mae releases second anticipated EP

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Image by:  Michael Ray Vera Cruz Angeles

Bergen’s queen of pop Hedda Mae released her second EP, The Early Struggles of a Late Millennial, in October of this year – and just when you think she’s finished with the 90s/00s-influenced music she’s back with one final bonus track in the shape of the boyband-channeling “Hate Being 22”. It’s out today on GEMS/Warner Music Norway.

Stream: The Early Struggles of a Late Millennial

With all the moves, hooks and contagious personality of a 21st century pop star, Hedda Mae is a larger than life character. On The Early Struggles, her retro-pop imprint was updated to take in 90s/00s music, with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake two of the main influences on its sound.

“Hate Being 22” is Hedda being utterly relatable to people of her age; powered by energetic acoustic guitar that recalls the likes of Westlife and Boyzone in their stand-up-from-their-stools moments and bursting into life with a singalong chorus, the track is nostalgic without being stuck in the past. It shows how much of a 21st century pop star Hedda Mae is, finding new melodies and hooks alongside crisp, modern production.

After working on the EP with producer/writer Benjamin Giortz, Hedda hooked up with Jim Bergset and Helge Moen (aka producer duo Tobago) on “Hate Being 22”. “He is the most talented person I know!” explains the Norwegian. “What’s worked really well is that there’s so much room for experimentation in sounds and in the toplines. That’s the thing I like the most.”

Hedda writes in her diary:


I have always been afraid of growing up. I already felt like life was passing by me as a 9 year old, so you can only imagine how I feel now. Things were always better before, right? Two weeks ago, I moved from Bergen to Oslo. During my first week in my new city, I lost both my phone and my wallet. Not only that, I also managed to post my credit card information on social media. Being in your twenties is super weird, because you are still young; but at the same time you are supposed to have a certain amount of control over your life. You’re introduced to a lot of problems and issues you never thought you would have to face. I just wish someone told me about all of that years ago. Because now, I just hate being 22.

“Hate Being 22” is out now. The Early Struggles of a Late Millennial is out now on GEMS/Warner Music Norway.

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