NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Firewoodisland explore cathartic themes on ‘Hollow Coves’

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Firewoodisland have unveiled the video for their new single ‘Hollow Coves’ and once again, the artistic duo (Stian Vedøy and Abi Eleri) have served up generous helpings of inventiveness and creativity.

Shot on location at Abi’s art studio in Bristol, as well as a viewpoint overlooking Llandanwg Beach and Rhaeadr Nantcol Waterfalls, North Wales, the video follows Helena Satterthwaite, our protagonist, as she deals with, and  fights her way through the cycle of loss. Interesting use of colour and metaphor is a strong theme in the video, and the viewer can’t help but be drawn into the narrative.

Stian and Abi give some insight into the video. “The video is an exploration of overcoming. We’ve all experienced seasons where you feel stuck in a cycle of pain, grief or just a bad situation. This is the story of that journey from hollow coves to wholeness and confidence.” They go on to explain the origins of the track.”‘Hollow Coves’ is about reaching the point of having nothing left to give and meeting someone with a fresh perspective who breathes new life into those empty places. It acts as a reminder that we’re not made to do life by ourselves.”

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