Music duo Snowk & singer J.Lamotte shares punchy dance music video

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  Image credit:Kodai Kobayashi

Snowk and J.Lamotte Suzume will sweep you off your feet with their punchy music video ‘Under The Moon’. Featured on Muze FM, they commented, “Flirty and timeless with its feel-good energy, which is a recipe for success with every energetic pop anthem, the ‘Under the Moon’ music video is a call to your inner dancer to have a face-off battle with the mirror or close friends.”

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J.Lamotta Suzume shares her thoughts on working on the video: “When Snowk asked me what I thought about making a music video, the first thing that came to my head was dancing. I was fortunate to have the chance to work with the Shanghai-based choreographer Karin Uziyahoo, who happened to be in Tel-Aviv during COVID time. Then, a few weeks later, while visiting my second home Berlin, we got the artwork together with the South-African photographer Gabriella Achadinha. This project had many artists from different places involved, and it’s exciting to keep this exchange going, especially at such times.”

J.Lamotte and her dance crew serve the viewer with lively & strategic dance sequences that feel like a call to the dancefloor. whether that is your couch or bedroom, either way, this song has the potential to linger in your mind with Snowk’s electronic hooks and upgrade your dance skills.

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