Moose with a Scarf shares anthemic dance number ‘Wont Let You Go’

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Moose with a Scarf, also known as Anthony Sabatino is back in action with a fresh take on his high-energy EDM track ‘Won’t Let You Go’, which dropped on October 13, 2023. Sabatino, an alumnus of both Berklee College of Music and USC, boasts an impressive portfolio of composing music for a wide array of film, gaming, and television projects, all under the alias Moose with a Scarf for his EDM endeavors. Moreover, he’s the creative force behind the interactive music app Tabletop Tunes, where he’s responsible for composing and producing all the music featured in the application.

Won’t Let You Go‘ catapults the listener into an electrifying soundscape characterized by a charged and optimistic house chord progression. The track kicks into high gear with Lauren Richards’ vocals, which are not only clear and powerful but also exude a passionate energy. As the song progresses, it culminates in a satisfying EDM fusion, featuring a four-on-the-floor beat, intricate layered chords, and a whimsically cheerful synth melody that effortlessly weaves its way into the listener’s memory. This infectious synth line remains a consistent presence throughout the final bridge, where it dances and evolves into a euphoric crescendo. The lyrics, imbued with themes of love and unwavering commitment, add a heartwarming and triumphant layer to the overall experience of ‘Won’t Let You Go.’

Moose with a Scarf had this to say: “There is a lot to this song, but ultimately my goal is to just make you feel good! It’s uplifting, energetic, bubbly, and overall gives a fun positive vibe. I want it to be a song you can’t possibly live without, a song that gets stuck in your head (in a good way), and something that you just wanna blast over and over.”

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