Indie-alternative singer Milo Gore shares important song

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Photo Credit: Fred Ellis

Milo Gore has shared his new song ‘Noise Gone Dancing’, which shares the important message of self-care and self-love before pursuing a romantic relationship. The single features on Milo Gore’s upcoming album How Do You Cope While Grieving For The Living? which chronicles  Milo’s battle with mental health and substance abuse.  

His previous single and music video release ‘Green Eyes’ follows his bittersweet relationship with his former girlfriend. Milo Gore shares his personal message behind the new single, “The main thing I hope people take from this song is the importance of learning to accept yourself, before you look to love another. A line I learnt while in rehab… “A drowning man cannot save another man from drowning’ “. 

Exit Through Sound adds their thoughts on the lyrical content, “‘Noise Gone Dancing’ tugs at the heartstrings with lyrical content that expresses sincere anxieties about temptation and the fear of losing sight of the main goal to full recovery, due to a moment of weakness.”

‘Noise Gone Dancing’ is a sincere cry for help before the fall. Singer-songwriter Milo shares a relevant message of struggling to shake off an addiction, which does not happen overnight (realistically speaking).  Milo’s shaky vocals carry the weight of his lyrics in this single. 

How Do You Cope While Grieving For The Living? Tracklist:

1. Noise Gone Dancing 

2. Green Eyes

3. Jade


5. A Collaboration Of Our Grief – feat RMC

6. Jerry Can


8. I Hear You

9. Homegrown

10. Eyeliner

11. Complete Peace

12.The Endless War

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