House musician Greg Kozo shares thought-provoking music video

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Kid Francescoli, French 79, Greg Kozo, Thylacine

We all wear many different masks in our life. One can be going to work and another could be interacting with friends versus with family. Sometimes one can feel that they have a bit of an identity crisis at times because these worlds and environments are so different from your authentic self. Greg Kozo’s latest music video The Story of Rita Faltoyano masterfully portrays the struggle of not knowing who you are in a city of people who are also lost and broken.

WATCH: Greg Kozo – ‘The Story Of Rita Faltoyano’ video

In an interview with HAUS Mag, the musician shared insight on the fulfilling factors when producing: “ Maybe the fact that you can control everything from the start until the end. And that’s a good lesson because in life it’s never a good idea to control everything. You have to let go, so I try to let go in music too.”

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A wise artist that knows that some things are out of his control and he has to let them go, the producer finds beauty in this and uses it as an inspiration to produce The Story of Rita Faltoyano EP which was released via Enchanté Records.

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