Firewoodisland releases creative lockdown video for song ‘Time Reveals It All’

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During this trying period that we are facing worldwide, it feels impossible for some to latch onto hope and positive thinking. However, the indie-pop duo Firewoodisland beg to differ.  During this isolation period, the band has been creating joy by posting online concerts in real-time for their fans on their socials.

The duo also released their self-titled album in the past few weeks, including the song ‘Time Reveals It All’, which has just been paired with their creative video that creates a 360-degree camera effect,  filmed during the quarantine period. The video camera cleverly mimics time passing rapidly with the camera movement. The duo’s single has been talked about on blogs like Muze FM saying, “Their latest single ‘Time Reveals It All’ will comfort the broken listener with its warm and cathartic energy, as the entire album will.” Chill Music Mag shared similar thoughts on the song,” Feels like a warm embrace, sharing their wise and hopeful outlook on life, with the sentiment of this “this too shall pass” shining bright in this song.”

The band shares, “We self-titled this album because we finally felt like we came home to ourselves! During the creation of Firewoodisland, we went through a major maturing season, which is apparent in the songwriting, the sound, and the artwork. We have fallen in love with orchestral instruments, strings, and horns which, blending with digital and organic instruments help us arrive at our new sound. We really love this album, it’s close to our hearts.”

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