Electronic & percussion duo KIDSØ uplift spirits in ‘Childhood’

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KIDSØ have released their cheerful song titled ‘Childhood’ off of their anticipated upcoming album releasing later this year. To date, the duo sits on over an impressive 3 million streams. They have also performed with noteworthy act Parra for Cuva and local renowned spots including Germany’s Harry Klein Club and Bahnwärter Thiel.

Sound Juicer shares their opinion on the new single,”‘Childhood’ taps into your inner child with its whimsical sounds and appeal from start to finish.”

KIDSØ adds: “The single ‘Childhood’ is the first step away from the cold and quiet Northern regions of Europe, which gave us inspiration for the debut EP ‘Apart’. The production of the track started in late 2017 and got its color due to frequent trips to South Africa in 2018. At that time, the main vocal melody evolved and got complimented by sounds from the countryside.”

The duo has cited Christian Löffler and Ólafur Arnalds as highly influential to their sound.

We here at Sound Labyrinth say that we cannot wait to hear what KIDSØ  have created in their new album after listening and getting a taste of their future releases in song ‘Childhood’, the feelings brought out from listening include calm, and jovial.

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