Electro-pop singer Lynks shares dance-orientated EP MEN

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Lynks, Hot Chip, La Roux

Photo Credit: Mars Washington @mrwashphoto

Meteorically rising art-punk provocateur Lynks unleashes their new trilogy:MEN”,  and shares its final entry Perfect Human Specimen”.

Stream/ download: MEN

Drenched in ‘80s sensibilities, “Perfect Human Specimen” is an electro-pop smash that harks back to the greats of Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys & Soft Cell; all pulsating synths and driving basslines that culminate in an explosive saxophone solo finale. Lynks once again uses their lyrical prowess this time describing (with a heavy dose of cynicism and firm tongue-in-cheek-manner) the ‘Perfect Man’.

Speaking on the track Lynks says:

“When I wrote ‘Perfect Human Specimen’ I was thinking a lot about the idea of a ‘Perfect Man’. Imagining what that actually means; how tall? How attractive? How funny? Because the instinct is to say that you’d want the hottest, funniest, smartest, most selfless, sweetest man in the world. But in reality that would be fucking stressful. Because, firstly, you wouldn’t be able to help comparing yourself to him and feeling kinda shit by comparison. But secondly, it might also start feeling a bit much after a while! A bit exhausting, all that perfection and attentiveness. Imperfections and vulnerabilities are kind of important when it comes to actually connecting to someone. So with Perfect Human Specimen I decided to try and write a song from the POV of this hypothetical ‘Completely 100% Perfect Man’, and hopefully in the process reveal that the ‘Perfect Man’ is actually not so perfect after all.”

An agent of gay chaos in London underground queer scenes, Lynks’ name was smeared over critic’s lips in 2021, tipped by Lauren Laverne, Jamz Supernova, Crack, Mixmag, Gal-dem, Resident Advisor, Guardian, NME, L&Q, DIY, Time Out, Times, Jack Saunders,  Elton John & more. 2021 also saw the pop agitator tour with Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, as well as as guest presenting on BBC6 Music. 

Trilogy opener and first singleSilly Boyarrives with a scuzzy, dirty bassline underpins a classic, thumping club beat to kick start one of Lynks’ most chaotic, danceable and brilliant tracks to date. Lyrically, ‘Silly Boy’ is a visceral take-down of ‘bro-culture’ and the ‘beam-me-up-softboi’ era (“nobody cares that you’ve watched Pulp Fiction”); an expertly crafted  coup-de-grâce to the toxic straight male ego.

On the track Lynks says, “I wrote Silly Boy when I was really f*cking pissed off with one very specific man. In that moment, I felt he represented every entitled, space-absorbing, toxic straight man I had ever met. The kind of man who still lives his life as if mum will do his washing up.”

Hey Joe (Relax)saw Lynks move away from the mad chaotic-smash-you-in-the-face energy we’ve come to expect. An uncharacteristically serene opening quickly transforms into an irresistible, grooving bassline and instantly danceable chorus.  

Speaking on the track, Lynks added: “Hey Joe (Relax) is about bringing a guy you’ve been dating to meet your friends, and suddenly clocking that he’s a complete twat. It’s about the moment where your entire perspective about a man shifts. And you see him for what he is; a devil’s advocating, button pushing, confrontational, edgelord. And it’s suddenly totally unthinkable that you ever wanted to shag him.”

“MEN” follows on from a support stint in Europe with Metronomy, as well as Lynks‘ biggest headline tour to date, including a massive sold out performance at Heaven, London. Lynk’s shows are some of the most dynamic live performances, combining their tumultuous musical persona with explosive drag performance, they are certainly one to catch this summer.

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