Electro duo Sacre shares song ‘05:00AM JUNGLE CHASE’

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Image: Thomas Braut

Electro-pop duo Sacre are working on exciting projects which incorporate photography, storytelling leading up to their anticipated album release LOVE REVOLUTION. In the meantime, you can get your electro-pop fix with Sacre’s new song  ‘05:00AM JUNGLE CHASE’.

Bass Music adds, “French duo Sacre has shared their new loud, confident, and sex-positive single ‘05:00AM JUNGLE CHASE’.” They elaborate further “When I listen to this single I have a mental picture of a darkly lit club atmosphere, with people rubbing up against each other with no shame for who sees them. It is almost as if these club-goers are under a spell.”

Sacre share their opinion: “We imagined Jungle Chase as a soundtrack for the chase in our story. For the moment when the little witch and her mean brother are trying to get the stone back. A death hunt on the road. As we did for every song in Love Revolution, we looked for a more pop-oriented subject that would fit our story. So the lyrics are about the chase between a “saturday night sex hunter” and his prey.  It takes place in a club where the prey appears as a doe and first seems scared…”

Sacre has high sexual energy in this song, from its untamed rhythm, to its animalistic vocals. The singer is ultimately implying that they are craving another body to satisfy themselves with. In Sacre’s on words, “…the lyrics are about the chase between a “saturday night sex hunter” and his prey.”

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