DJ Nasty Beat releases melodic dance music video

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Sergiu Tita now known as the artist Nasty Beat started off his career in his hometown of Slatina with just a passion for music and a dream in 2003.

Currently living in the United Kingdom, he has worked as a music producer and adviser for over 50 songs released by himself and for other artists in original productions and remixes over the years. He performed over 400 shows as a DJ and MC for grand openings at clubs, events, concerts, radio, and television.

He has upgraded and built over the years a professional music studio called Nasty Beat Production (where he practises the art of music production ranging from songwriting, sound design, mixing and mastering, etc.)

His music has been released with multiple record deal signed for different songs, record labels such as (Blanco Y Negro, United Music Hits, Urban Propaganda Entertainment, etc.) played on live radios stations, streaming and downloaded internationally. Also releasing music as an independent artist available on over 150 digital stores like Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Shazam, TikTok , Deezer, kkbox, etc. Being also an official artist on VEVO, Sentric Music, PRS for Music, MCPS, PPLUK, BMI and many other societies.

Watch the ‘I Need You’ music video HERE

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