BLVMENKIND masterfully merges intimacy and intensity in stunning new single ‘On My Own’.

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Swiss-based BLVMENKIND (Gabriel Brönnimann) released his new single, ‘On My Own’, featuring Tom Wavy on the 22nd of September via Paradise Lost. BLVMENKIND’s sound is an eclectic blend of electronica, pop, classical music and experimental sound design; so distinct that it began making waves as soon as he released his first official single ‘Dream With You’ featuring Sam Darton back in 2017 (at only 19 years old). An immediate success, the track gained over 10 million streams on Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud. Since then, he has received support from numerous publications, radio stations and popular YouTube channels. He has also appeared at RADAR Festival and EXIL Club in Zurich, as well as supporting popular French DJ  Fakear on his Talisman 2023 Tour.

On My Own’ eludes being pinned down to a single genre while maintaining distinct elements of drum and bass and pop. Tom Wavy’s wistful, melancholy vocals imbue the track with emotion and substance while delicate atmospheric chords and tastefully-chosen effects make the listener feel like they are floating. The track slowly builds in intensity, guided by the drums – at first subtle and muted, eventually culminating in an explosively epitomic DnB break accompanied by emotionally-charged harmonies, which contrasts beautifully with the gentle vocals and mournful lyrical content. The song’s excellent production and composition allow it to articulate its tale of love, loss and hope with ease and style.

‘On My Own’ is a song that I created quite early in the album production cycle in 2018,” BLVMENKIND told us. “Back then, it only was a rough demo of a piano melody and a drum and bass loop. It stuck with me because the melody is very melancholic and lonesome but still has an optimistic feeling to it, which very well presented the situation I was in at that point of life but still is relatable today”.