BIMM College jazz singer Lisabel releases debut album

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Image: Nikola Kovačević

Lisabel ‘s album titled A Work of Art was recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced at Brother Sun Sister Moon Productions Studio by Nikola Kovačević. The singer has seen support from publications including  Le Future Wave, comeherefloyd, Talk About Pop Music. Lisabel’s vocals are powerful against the fusion of jazz, soul, and R&B soundscapes that compliment it. Her resulting sound is reminiscent of the sound of Solange, Aretha Franklin, and Erykah Badu, without losing her unique charm and flair.

Lisabel talks about the album, “A Work of Art is a collection of songs that all share the theme of love from various points of view, often using metaphors to refer to a lover. A work of art is commonly portrayed as an object/creation of beauty, inside of which we can lose ourselves due to an overwhelming feeling that we can’t quite point out.”

In Lisabel’s mind, ‘A Work of Art’ is a person who she believes to be a symbol of joy, kindness, and love, an imperfect soul whose purity is unmistakable and undeniable. The album unfolds in a chronological order which follows personal events that have inspired Lisabel to write the songs. Starting from ‘Salamander Souls’ and ending with ‘Dear Moon’, each song represents a feeling and a moment in which Lisabel experienced a positive revelation about the beauty of life, people, love, and nature.

RCRD LBL adds their opinion, “Lisabel takes you on a journey of romance, joy, and life in her debut. Her graceful vocals shine throughout the album, which is a well-integrated and wholesome work of art.”

Reverbs adds, “Lisabel’s vocals give me goosebumps, with its poised but at the same time delicate charm, that is carried throughout the album.”

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