Ambient musician Soular Order returns with new song, ‘Downfall’

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Jon Maynard has returned with his latest release, ‘Downfall’ via his own imprint. The track was released earlier this month and premiered via Clash Magazine who said, “With glitches, percussion, raindrops and handclaps building and bubbling slowly over a pulsing heartbeat, ‘Downfall’ creates something that feels both organic and digital all at once.” You can read the full premiere here.

The Manchester-based musician has also been featured in Chill Music who tell us, “Creating music since  2010 under the alias of Soular Order, John Maynard has taken the time to refine his skill, rewarding the listeners who have stayed with him with a clear evolution of his sound”. You can read the full feature here.

Continuing to refine his own sound, Soular Order chooses to feature his signature underlying bass in ‘Downfall’. The bass is paired with emotive percussion while maintaining the ambient nature of the song. It’s a fine line that Soular Order appears to walk with ease.

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