Uplifting and elevated – Soulitaire’s ‘One Of Many Parts’

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Soulitaire is ready for round two with “One Of Many Parts,” the next track to be lifted from his upcoming LP (10th November) via Violet Noise Records. This follows his significant track “New Breed” which was recently released to favourable reviews from fans and critics alike.

Austria seems to be ripe with creativity and new emerging acts and Soulitaire has taken the lead from native established and up and coming artists such as Falco, Sohn, Leyya, Hunger and many others.
Inspired by films such as “The Blues Brothers” and “Woodstock,” Martin Rotheneder dabbled in electric guitar, but it wasn’t until  2003 that he found his place in singing and songwriting with his first solo-project as Ben Martin. However, finding an abandoned “old crappy guitar with only four strings” was the catalyst for the formation of Soulitaire. After recording a song on his phone, the decision was made to go ahead with the project using only guitar and vocals.

‘One Of Many Parts’ is a warm track with an uplifting message. Soulitaire’s optimism is contagious and one can’t help but tap one’s foot along to the heartbeat-centered drum pattern, while contemplating his message of unity.

“It’s true what they say in the “About a Boy” movie, that no man is an island. Say we’re all connected and what one does will have an effect on others. This will mean we have a huge responsibility with every action we take. It means we’re ‘one of many parts’ and in that much more powerful than we might believe ourselves to be” he says.

Upcoming shows (Austria):
18.10.2017 – Chelsea, Vienna
30.10.2017 – Platoo Montag in der Scherbe, Graz

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