Sunny Gray shares the stirring video for his weighty new song ‘Equilibrium’

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Sunny Gray has shared the official video for ‘Equilibrium’ on July 26th, via the booming music collective Exilence, directed by, two time winner of the 48 hour film festival, Johnny Barker of Projectors and Collectors Productions. Premiered by La Belle Musique on July 6th, ‘Equilibrium’ was produced by V1TA production team and recorded at Fish Factory Studios in London.

The video features a dashing Sunny Gray and a troupe of spectral, veiled figures performing, contorting and dancing in a dusty, abandoned church hall. The choreography is controlled, visceral and captivating, successfully translating Sunny Gray’s potent energy and ominous message of a decaying humanity and the need to find a balance before it is too late. “We are Light but we need Darkness,” says Sunny Gray, “it’s up to us to define harmony.”

The video is aesthetically very coherent and well formulated, making use of colour and texture to communicate harmony and disharmony. The muted, earthy colours of the dusty church interior and its costumed statue-like occupants are juxtaposed with the colourful, high stained-glass windows depicting biblical scenes and ominous red-lit moments of Sunny Gray addressing the viewer directly as he delivers his heavy words.

Regarding the music video’s conception and creation, Johnny Barker, the director, says: “The goal for this film was to create a performance-based cinematic video with strong visual components. We explored a multitude of in-camera effects, dance, movement, and choreography, alongside vocal performance to touch on several concepts, such as spiritual and environmental degradation and the clash between opposing forces”

The official ‘Equilibrium’ release party will be taking place at Camden Assembly on Sunday, August 4th.

Watch the video for Equilibrium below:

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