Singer Ilja Alexander grows with new song ‘Butterfly’

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  Image: Andy Tan

With a huge support system in Indonesia, musician Alexander has captured the attention of Rolling Stone India with his recent single ‘I’ll Wait’. Now the dream-pop singer-songwriter Ilja Alexander has announced his new song release titled  ‘Butterfly’ via Green Monk Records.  

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Alexander shares the moment that lead to the song being conceived, “People have always called me ‘zen’, but I recently discovered I was just emotionally disconnected. No one knew what was going on in my mind, neither did I. One day, while sitting in the park, a little butterfly flew towards me and landed in the grass next to me. I asked the butterfly if it knew what was going on in my mind, giving birth to this song. The butterfly guided me with my own metamorphosis to a new beginning.”

Inspired by a wide array of music and artists, Alexander is discovering and himself through his music and through doing this he stands out from some of your forgettable radio hits. 

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