Saint Mars release apocalyptic music video for fans

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It’s an accepted fact of the younger generation of today that post-apocalyptic worlds make the crowds go wild. Saint Mars are tapping into this with the music video for their latest single, ‘Pacific State’ via the label AntiFragile Music. The original single was premiered via Beats Per Minute who described the track as, “emotional reckoning from sounds that we’ve all heard before, but which have never really sounded like this.”

In an interview with Muze FM, Tryzdin (lead singer of the outfit) reveals that it’s not unusual for their music to have an “emotional reckoning” effect on fans: “My most memorable response was when I received an Instagram DM from a fan saying that our song “Somewhere, Somebody” has saved her life and that she really felt connected to the song.” You can read the full interview here.

The music video only enhances this effect, spreading a message of hope and perseverance to their fans. In a move to continue spreading home, Saint Mars have announced a competition on their Youtube page, offering a chance to win 100$ and 50$ on your favourite online shop if you comment and like the video. Check it out below:

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