Renowned dance DJ GIGI D’AGOSTINO’s releases ‘Hollywood’

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The living legend strikes again! Dance music icon GIGI D’AGOSTINO (‘In My Mind’) delivers a unique collaboration and presenting one of Italy’s hottest newcomers: on May 29th producer, songwriter and singer ‘LA VISION’ is releasing his debut single “Hollywood” ….and letting a real dancefloor monster track out of the cage! When you hear LA VISION serving you the hook “It’s gonna happen tonight / I’m gonna make you feel right“ you can take his words literally! The highly addictive club banger is LA VISION’s collaboration with Italian record-breaking DJ GIGI D’AGOSTINO, who achieved over 820 million streams and over 600 million YouTube views. Additionally he topped the Official German Single Charts and dominated the charts and playlists around the globe. In 2019 he has reached over 370 million streams on Spotify. Now he is bringing us the joint track with LA VISION – and with “Hollywood” another electrifying mega hit.

LA VISION has one clear goal set when creating music: His songs always tell a story. The multi talent is finding inspiration not only in sound snippets, beats or samples: “Hollywood’ is about a dream, about trying something and simply tackling it – in contrast to reality. Because pursuing your dream doesn’t necessarily mean that it will become reality”, LA VISION explains. The interplay of life with all the shadows and lights is part of his creative output. LA VISION’s love of music and the many different genres was his main focus from the very beginning, now he is making one step further and straight into the spotlight: “I’ve always wanted to make my own music – and so I’ve learned everything you need to know about the craft: songwriting, arranging, producing and even singing. But I was only working in the background and behind the scenes. And I couldn’t follow my own vision. Now I can.”

The collaboration with GIGI D’AGOSTINO is a personal accolade for LA VISION – he has always been a fan of the Italian DJ legend (“L’Amour Toujours”, “Another Way”, “Bla Bla Bla” and many more) and often inspired to GIGI’s legendary hits. The outcome is perfectly displayed with LA VISION’s debut “Hollywood” and will be heating up the dancefloors and playlists around the globe!


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