obylx brings musical joy to fans with new album

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At the end of each year we receive an early Christmas present in the form of a new album from the Bristol-based producer, obylx. The latest album, titled Out Of The Woods, marks three years of the producer releasing music under this pseudonym. Each month Oliver Johnson has been releasing a new piece of work that has allowed him to work through the grief of losing his father as well as the other emotional battles he has come to face over the years. As such, the shimmering track ‘Alright’ is the only unheard song on the LP.

The producer further elaborates on the meaning of some of the songs found within the album: “This year I have been exploring other areas in my life, be it the ending (‘Take Me’) and starting of relationships (‘Alright’), solitude (‘Day By Day’), conflict (‘The Leech’) and good times (‘Skin’). I have also started writing from other’s perspectives -‘Another Life’ being the clearest example. I feel like it has been a year that has concluded my wandering and has led me out of my metaphorical forest. I have learned how to deal with grief and turn it into a driving force. At the start of the project I deliberately left space so that I could grow into it. I have reached that place and now ready to ‘Walk On’ into next year.”

While the album was premiered via Wonderland Magazine yesterday, the official release happened today (the 1st of December) via Guise Records. The original project began in a bedroom studio, with no budget, plan nor hype and has seen impressive growth over the years. This release marks the end of “hiding in the shadows” as the producer has opened himself up to interviews and stands as a beacon of hope for many rising musicians who are currently starting in a similar position. 

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