Music producer Bluethunder shares lively future house song, ‘Stay With Me’

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Image credit: W. van den Muysenberg

Jerry van Bergen, professionally known as Bluethunder, is a Dutch Dance DJ and record producer from Breda, the Netherlands. The artist mostly produces Future House/Bounce, however in his songs you can clearly hear a mix of certain other genres as well. His most known singles are “Going Down”, “You Will Never Break Me”, “On My Way To You”, and “Stay With Me”. Recently, his amount of listeners on Spotify skyrocketed to a staggering 65k due to his release of “Stay With Me” and “On My Way To You”. So far the DJ/Producer’s music has been streamed over 10 million (!) times with support from other DJs like Don Diablo and Hardwell but also from Spotify itself, where his music has been added to the official playlists. The talented artist from Breda started producing somewhere in his 15th year, releasing his first track in 2013.

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Before all this, he learned to play the saxophone which he included in a couple of productions. He was able to combine producing music with his student life. He describes this as tough, but worth it at every step. After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Business IT & Management, he took his music career to the next level. Bluethunder’s music can be described as energetic and happy. But still, he is not afraid to make a sidestep to other ambiences as well. Take his track ‘Stay With Me’ for example. It has very contagious energy to it. The electro future bounce style he releases with his tracks would be perfect for dance festivals.

Bluethunder shares: “I love producing music and make people feel good. Make them forget any troubles they have. Make people feel nostalgic and happy, even if it is just for a couple of minutes. Because of this, I am writing this myself. Having a personal connection with the people that like my music is important to me. Music is an evolution in which I distinguish myself by creating unique, happy and innovative beats. Mixing things together that you will never think of, and make them sound great, is my goal.”

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