Mumbai EDM-producer 32Stitches drops remix package including BEAUZ, Far & Few and Zeus X Crona in ‘Fallout Remixes’

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Mumbai-based electronic and future bass producer 32Stitches has just released three new remixes of his dog-loving anthem, ‘Fallout’; one by dance producer-duo BEAUZ, one by the dark-bass rising stars from Far & Few and last but not least, one by talented EDM and future bass producers Zeus X Crona released on August 24th via Music High Court.

Stream 32Stitches ‘Fallout Remixes’ below –
 Each of the new remixes of 32Stitches’ ‘Fallout’ brings something unique out of the track. 

BEAUZ have injected their signature danceable EDM magic into the track, while maintaining the upbeat mood of the song. The build of quick claps intermingled with emotive piano chords sets the scene perfectly for the brassy and bass-filled drop overlayed with poppy synth melodies.

Far & Few have also taken a unique approach to their remix of ‘Fallout’, opting for a dark bass version of the track, the low glitchy bass almost placing the listener in a deep trace, only to be broken by the robotic vocals and reverb-soaked electric guitar refrain. The bridge in Far & Few’s remix takes inspiration from slow dubstep and deep bass and the track ends on a mysterious fade out of manipulated vocal and twinkling synth.

Zeus X Crona also bring something completely unique to 32Stitches’ single with their remix, using a mixture of a minimal and upbeat future bass sound in the verses and punchy future bass in the chorus pieces. The Zeus X Crona remix brings a certain playfulness to ‘Fallout’, using a collection of crisp beats to keep the track light and bubbly and amplifying the hopeful message of the song.

BROSIK’s remix of 32Stitches’ ‘Fallout’ adds low-frequency intensity to the already popular future-bass track. The drop hits hard and unexpected as the wobble bass offers a release to the ever growing synth in the throughout the back of the mix. This remix is not included as part of the official package, but it is available for free download. 

Watch the video to the original track here:

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