KRONO releases vivacious remix of future-bass rising star DRUGZZ’s debut single ‘Someone Other Than Me’

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Chill-house duo KRONO has remixed the future-bass artist DRUGZZ’s daring, debut single “Someone Other Than Me”, released via Super Serious. French duo KRONO have made some extraordinary waves since their inception, with an impressive playcount of nearly 170 million via YouTube alone, it’s no surprise that respected DJs such as Junior Sanchez and Miguel Campbell took a shine to these talented musicians. Pair KRONO’s international experience and chill-house sound with DRUGZZ rhythm-centred angsty future bass sound and you get a killer track on your hands!

KRONO’s upbeat and bubbling remix of DRUGZZ’s “Someone Other Than Me” sets the tone with jolting percussive beats and tambourine shakes, arcade-esque synthesizers and of course Sam’s biting vocal delivery setting the mood for the track’s unique and confrontational nature. KRONO uses this angst to their advantage, and flips the track into a dance-floor ready state, perfect for for immersive light shows and sweaty nightclubs.

Get it all out by dancing to the KRONO remix of DRUGZZ’s ‘Someone Other Than Me’:

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