Karmacoda Return with a tender and triumphant new single, ‘Try At Me’

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The award-winning band KARMACODA returned with a new single, ‘Try At Me’, on January 26th 2024 via Sola Musa Music. Based in San Francisco, USA, KARMACODA is composed of Jessica Ford (vocals), Brett Crockett (aka B. on vocals and producer) and Japanese-American multi-instrumentalist Eric Matsuno (bass and other unique elements). KARMACODA have offered up a vast array of sounds from electronica to R&B over the last twenty years, maturing and refining it to a soulful, sophisticated fusion of R&B and jazz lounge. Their music has received support from respected online publications such as EARMILK, CLASH Magazine, Wonderland Magazine and NOTION Mag, to name but a few. On radio, their music has received airplay on NPR Music and Irish National radio RTÉ 2XM’s Dan Hegarty. Having been placed in several film and TV scores, the three-piece band has won several awards including the Hermes Creative Awards (Platinum) for the Lo-Fi Girl video and Make Me The Onevideo which also earned one Unglued Music Video (Gold) and three Davey Awards for Video Entertainment, Best Use of Music and Art Direction (all Silver).  

‘Try At Me’, is a tender but passionate anthem to self-liberation and overcoming hardship. KARMACODA’s sound takes on a soulful, R&B quality that oozes with jazz lounge sensibility – the listener is treated to a gentle, syncopated downtempo beat, minimal R&B bassline and lowkey instrumental arrangements peppered with the delicate teal of jazz piano. The star of the show is singer Jessica Ford baring her soul in her passionate, potent vocal delivery akin to the likes of Adele, Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis and Lana Del Ray.

Jessica revealed: “I wrote this song about a young girl I teach singing to. She had been through so much loss, anger, sadness and so many trials; more than any little girl should ever have to endure. I watched her fall into a depression, so much so, she didn’t want to sing anymore. Slowly but surely, through love, time and a lot of work, she started coming back, becoming more confident. I watched her fight for it.The song ‘Try At Me’... the words are “it’s time to try at me”, in other words, it’s time to give myself some girl power. It’s time to find myself, it’s time for me to rise, take a chance on myself, get out of this dark place, be heard, grow, and take a leap of faith, even when I feel beat up, I know I can stand up, try at me. She did, and she is. She is singing again. I couldn’t love this more. To my girl, this one’s for you.”