Future Soul Musicians Shookrah Released a New Video for ‘Notions’ By Their Very Own Emmet O’Riabhaigh

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  Image: Brid O’Donovan

Irish future-soul band Shookrah shared the video for their new song ‘Notions,’ receiving instantaneous support from Surviving The Golden Age and Nialler9. The track was premiered by Variance quickly garnered support from RTÉ 2FM. ‘Notions’ will appear on their self-titled album Shookrah, available October 25th via Broken Records.

Directed by Shookrah’s drummer Emmet O’Riabhaigh, the video is undoubtedly an ideal accompaniment for the single. The song centres around withering away in dysfunctional relationships. “It’s a recognition of faults committed to the other and yourself in seeking out traits other than those presented to you, which disqualifies the question of who was right or wrong and bares the reality of how hollow we become when we want something so bad that a tarnished version of it will do” says bandmate Senita Appiakorang. It’s apt that the video stars Senita sitting in a lavish nightclub, alongside herself. Both her personas investigating those notions throughout the song.

Emmet gives some insight into the video (viewable below), “We wanted to shoot something really simple and still with nice moody lighting so we decided to go with two Senitas in what looks like a lovers’ tiff. We shot it over the course of a day in the Bodega bar in Cork, and had Senita’s sister Yesunia to stand in for some of the shots, with the whole band helping out on the set.”

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