Felower and Kasztan show craftsmanship in their double A-side ‘Silhouettes / Contour’

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After spending an evening bonding over a pint, producers Felower and Kasztan decided to investigate whether their musical styles connected. And guess what? They did. Subsequently, they released their latest double A-side record ‘Silhouettes / Contour’, a testament to their studio rapport. But what makes this collaboration work? Listening to the record, we can hear certain similarities and complimentary differences that enable the two producer’s individual styles to co-exist.

Stream / Download: Felower X Kasztan – ‘Silhouettes / Contour’

Firstly, they begin much in the same way. A vocal sample and a swell open both tracks, leading to a small drop where the percussions are introduced. Both tracks are mixed and mastered to the same point of clarity, giving both records a quality of cohesiveness. In addition, they are more or less equally dynamic; they shift in new and interesting ways, conveying a standard of craftsmanship. 

Similarities aside, each track possesses something that sets it apart from the other: while Felower favours offbeat hats, giving a foot-tapping groove to ‘Silhouettes’, Kasztan prefers the manic intricacies of complex hi-hat patterns, embuing ‘Contour’ with a sense of unstoppable motion. Together these two halves form part of a greater whole. Out now via Stemina Recordings.

Listen: Felower X Kasztan – ‘Silhouettes / Contour’

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