Band Saint Mars fight demons in ‘Ocean Blues’ video

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Band Saint Mars has shared their official music video for their re-worked version of the song ‘Ocean Blues’ and it is an instant tear-jerker that carries an important message about the emotional damage that results from trauma and pain.

The band is led by Marc Darcange, who adds,“’Ocean Blues’ is the first song I wrote about bullying and it was a turning point for me… To be honest, I never decided to write about bullying. The melody, idea of the song, the story behind it came to me naturally, spontaneously: the story of a young boy bullied because of his overweight, called “Piggy the Whale” by his classmates and ending up turning into a real whale… I think the video develops this strong image further: the young boy gets more and more stigmata through the bullying, to the point he becomes what other people say he is; if they constantly call you an idiot, you will become that idiot. In psychology, this is called the Pygmalion effect.”

Despite all the hurt captured in the music video, the video concludes with a positive ending of hope and recovery for the lead protagonist. 

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